Join us for a full three-day advanced visual storytelling wedding photography workshop! To raise up your awareness, engage the curious and expand your creativity. Led by visual storytellers Alex and Irena Kus, we welcome everyone.

Let’s write few lines before we jump into details about our advanced visual storytelling workshop. We take wedding photography business and photography itself very seriously! Our camera allows as to create visual storytelling, to document the people’s story of a wedding day, with an extreme passion for composing every frame, uniqueness, different and expanding our style with every single wedding we shoot.

We aim to create peoples wedding day into storytelling images, with a feeling how it was to tell the story for generations to come. Being in the wedding industry more than 12 years, do way over 350 weddings locally and also internationally, we have run into thousands and one problem and along the way and teach us hot to solve it. Now after all those years we wish we had turned to someone who could point us in the right direction at that time. If you fell the same, we welcome you to join us for this fantastic, extraordinary advanced visual storytelling workshop, where we will open our minds and let you know everything!

"The most important part when we create visual storytelling,is to feel how it was"A.Kus2018

People who know us; our beloved families, our brilliant clients, our excellent friends all that know that whatever we do, we do on the highest possible level and that’s the reason why this advance wedding photography workshop will be something extraordinary. We need to admit that there is no more secrets in this industry, those days. Every piece of knowledge is available to us somewhere, but somehow not everyone is the same because we use that experience in entirely different ways.

We design advanced visual storytelling workshop to cover all the essential topics which are necessary to raise up your photography awareness, grown your business and focus on the things which are truly important when you are creating visual wedding story. We genuinely believe in few facts, which had the most significant impact on all our business and life; Creative visual storytelling, Connecting to people, and Personal approach. We can’t wait to share why this is so important to us – and our couples.
 That was the reason we make our advanced creative visual storytelling workshops as actionable information as possible with things that you can apply to your photography/business and life, as soon as you get home after this advanced visual storytelling workshop. So you could become excellent photographer and better person, no matter if you are a several years professional photographer or just starting out, there is always some new perspective to look from and learn new things along the way.

"Images to me are like music, and if we compose them creatively,they will awake all the human emotions! "A.Kus2017⠀

When we start thinking about the workshop, there was one fundamental question. For how many attendees we would like to organize a workshop. After we put on a paper our program for advanced visual storytelling workshop, the problem was answered by himself. Because we want to open our minds fully and give everything we decide to do a workshop to max 5 (five) attendees. Or just one! Doing this way we could do advanced visual storytelling workshop with a personal approach.

Three full days of learning! I need to admit that this advanced visual storytelling workshop idea was waiting a long time in my mind. Let me explain why. I love educated myself, and my opinion is that if we continuously raise our awareness we becoming a better people in life, we raise our work to the higher level! I wish the same for all of you, that’s why we decide to do full three days advanced visual storytelling workshop.

We will start with the basic theory because this is the most crucial for everything, later on. Then lead you through the entire day of a wedding with all explain how we photograph in each situation to get the best out of it and why creative storytelling is the most important thing. The advanced visual storytelling workshop is aimed at photographers who already have some experience in wedding photography and want to expand their photography/business, but also to newcomers in the wedding photography world who wish to establish their photography/business and life.

"For me creativity is passion, it's driving me to be uniquewith every single frame I compose! "A.Kus2017

So what will be covered? The few key things which are extremely important when we are creating wedding story, and we will spend the most time on that.

CREATIVE STORYTELLING! “Because creativity is the intelligence of having fun.” I love that quotes from great scientist Albert Einstein. Whit creativity we can achieve our most important goal to convert peoples wedding day into images, which make them feel something and tell a story for generations to come. That’s what it’s all about for me.

MOMENTS! Because we are not wedding photographers, we are a unique visual artist who captures moments and connections between peoples on their most important day! Moments are priceless nonrepeatable series of events, uniques to be different which allowed you to stand out from the crowd!

LIGHT! Because without light there is darkness and we do not want that! It’s not our style! Light drive us to see the image with our emotions, not eyes!

COMPOSITION!  When we create a visual legacy, photo composition is essential as same as light and moments, for our image without strong composition/structure is like a snapshot, incomplete blank canvas.

Along the way we will lead you to all another critical aspect;

Individual approach to attendees and help you to answer on where you are now with your photography
Portfolio reviews – whole set of delivered images – attendees must bring a collection of 100+ printed images
Review of your style
Our why
The way we see wedding story
The way we work
Danger of single story

Flash techniques  / on and off camera – important
Single shots vs. Snapshots
Finding the light / anytime, anywhere
Emotive portraits / genuine & honest
Staying creative / all the time
Focal length mastery/primes
PJ / photojournalism through the whole day
How to find inspiration
Why everyday training is important
Street photography / why

Workflow editing / Lightroom – Photoshop
Album Design
Website & Branding / incredibly important
Organisation and communication/efficiency
Products / wow factor
Must have software
Pricelists / efficiency
Contracts – legal stuff
Backups and security / local & online
Essential equipment/gear to go

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Workshop Investment of 1,600 € includes:
– Three very full days of hands-on instruction from Aleks & Irena
– PDF and other documentation
– snacks over the day, coffee/ tea, drinks & craft beer
– dinner on the last day of an advanced workshop

Participants are responsible for their accommodation and transportation to and from the workshop. We can provide you all the help on request if you need. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. The final payment is due no later than one week before the workshop date or on the workshop itself.
Your participation can be paid via PayPal, Master / Visa card, cash, or international bank transfer. If you are unable to attend or need to cancel your reservation, we require a minimum of 14 days notice. Your deposit will be refunded minus a 100 € admin fee, if and when we can find a replacement. If you cancel within five days of the workshop, your deposit is non-refundable, and the final payment will still be due. For the latest news and updates, we will add you to our group on Facebook: A danger of a single story – advanced visual storytelling workshop.

This advanced workshop will take place on a brilliant Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Advanced wedding workshop will take full three (3) days.

All participants are welcome on Monday evening 16. April 2018 to join us in getting together welcome drink. (Location will ve announce on FB group).
– Fist day – Tuesday 17. April 2018 we will start at 9 am until 7 pm, which we will spend inside going over theoretically part. ( look above – what will be covered )
– The second day – Wednesday 18. April 2018 we will divide into two parts, starting at 9 am – 12 am, and continued at 1 pm – 5 pm, with part two of that day,    photographing real coupe on the island of Lake Bled and near surroundings – we are preparing something special!
– Last day Thursday 19. April 2018
Of advanced visual storytelling workshop will start at 9 am – 18 pm. Where we will go through images ( selection – editing – slideshow – online gallery ). We will make a personal approach to each of you and your captured images, review the full set of delivered wedding images and make an actual blog post – the significant part of advanced visual storytelling workshop. At last part of the day, we dedicated to open talking about marketing, SEO must have documents, useful applications, etc….We will close advanced visual storytelling workshop with delicious dinner and drinks at a nearby restaurant.

The current date of an advanced workshop is 17-19th. April
If the current time is not an option for you, you can also book one to one session where all the detail mentioned here are the same; just location will be in my hometown. It can be arranged up to two days if we include shooting with real couples.

Yes! In case you can not come to current advanced visual storytelling workshop, please feel free to contact us for more in-depth information. We love to discover new places! We currently call Ljubljana, Slovenia home but often find our self-traveling for destination weddings and leisure. So feel free to scout our travel plan. If you want to do mentor session in your local country or city, it can be arranged.

It will be in English. But, it is also available in Slovenian or Croatian language (on request). As said there will be no secrets – In this advanced wedding photography workshop, we will give you all our accumulated knowledge on every aspect of this wedding photography business.
Note for destination advanced workshop travel and accommodation costs are not included if we are not already in that country – city.

Your current portfolio and two finished sets of wedding images, which you have delivered to a real couple in digital form.
100 wedding selected images which you have used in slideshow or blog post in hires (print) version
Laptop, with editing software
Photo gear which you currently using
Pencil and book for notes!

Thank you! If you would like to book, just press the button below this text, fill the form, and we will send you an invoice. A pied deposit will secure your spot.