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Hi, Aleks here, a destination wedding photographer from a country with love in the middle of the name, Slovenia, Europe. With my wife, my soulmate! We compose a harmonic duet, traveling worldwide to tell the fantastic wedding stories of people in love.

Friendship has been holding us together since we were young – we used to play on the local playground as kids. Later in life, love widened our company and formed an even deeper bond. Our love yielded two beautiful, now teenage daughters.

I have been in the wedding photography business for more than 15 years, coming from a photojournalist background. I see wedding photography as storytelling. It is my passion and my way of life. Wedding photography is about capturing moments of genuine affection between the bride and the groom, moments that last. It is also about looking for witty glances between the guests, who might not see each other again once the wedding is over.

My passion for the work we do can beautifully be observed through international awards and acknowledgments, but most importantly, through satisfied customers, professionalism, and love for photography in the aftermath of mutual understanding and respect.

Multiday wedding celebrations are our immense passion and a challenge that we gladly accept. On the other hand, small intimate weddings are a challenge because the bond between newlyweds, family, and friends is even more distinct. It is not unusual for tears to fall from those who genuinely understand love, tears of joy, and delight in these special moments.

We welcome you to come with us on a wonderful journey of creating wedding photography, a visual legacy, which lasts into eternity. And into so much more!

Aleks & Irena

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