Wedding photographer in Slovenia - Wedding Kodarinov mlin

Wedding Kodarinov mlin

“Dear Aleks & Irena, we looked at the photos, once, twice… And yet we discover something new every time we look at them! We can really feel all the magic moments we have experienced and even those which were hidden to our eyes. Pure magic! Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart!”

The incredible feedback of the bride. Explained that, we nailed it! Being on the right frequency with the couple, having free hands to express our vision is something we are passionate about. This is the reason why we love our work so much!

Wedding Kodarinov mlin

We often hear how working on the same location over and over again could be hard, but for us that’s never been something to struggle with. We already have wedding at Kodarinov mlin where we created lots of beautiful wedding stories in the past. But our constant challenge is to create always a different story, we force ourselves to find frames hidden to the bride and groom, to create frames which were never been done before, to find stories between guests and create complete wedding stories at the same time.

We love couples which give us the freedom to do it on our own way and create special stories with unforgettable images. And this was the case of the Wedding at Kodarinov mlin as you can see it below.. I’m sure you’ll find it pretty ace..!