Pan Am Lounge Berlin wedding a story of Olesya and Sofian

You would never know, that Berlin is such a special and bold city. But even the first email from Olesya and Sofian conveyed its uniqueness. We listened to the plans of the two artists, both dancers, with great interest and soon we were working together to create a new choreography of our own.

First set-up: We warm up on the empty streets, in the early hours of a Pan Am Lounge Wedding Photographer

We happily watched Olesya and Sofian as they effortlessly and energetically revealed new locations for our photography. With Grease- like rhythms, we spun between the colorful U-Bahnand chased the frames between the pillars of artificial light that extended into the sky via towering skyscrapers – hidden in the quiet city streets in the early morning.

We ran by the river, danced on the bridge. Rubies playing under historical arches and sharp shapes of the history of a nation. Sharp metals on the blue sky and »Time to dance« on a rough wall – an amazing warm-up!

Second set-up: Putting on the dance shoes

Blue was chosen by the groom. And the bride stood out with a fairytale-like natural cuteness and grace, covered by a veil and holding a basket of flowers.

The blue theme continued on into the magnificent Kaiser Wilheim Memorial church which demanded instant respect, without taking anything from the honesty and strong, genuine connections that the guests had with the couple.

You could feel when the bride’s vow, warm and relaxed, touched every single chair in the room. It touched everyone – from ladies dressed to impress to, mustachioed gentlemen, the puppy under the bench and the little girls sitting on the stone floor. A moving moment as a wedding photographer in Berlin.

Soon there were plenty of handshakes and hugs outside Kaiser Wilheim Church then came the dance step.

Third set-up: Seduce me

The perfect journey to the Pan Am Lounge was achieved by a city bus, which took the rambunctious group around the city streets whilst pulling a rattling set of cans behind it. We pushed through the crowd in a vehicle, that was too full and caught plenty of amused looks along the way. After the drive, we were met by waiters at the Pan Am Lounge who took the reins. Later a surprising slow dance of raindrops, saw us change our movement into a leap.

Final set-up: Dance with me in Pan Am Lounge Wedding Photographer

The PanAm Lounge was heavenly and the pilot staff on the 10th floor gave us so much more than a refreshing drink. Panorama, a happy crowd, dance surprises and happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom one of the many frames that we captured in the last part of our digital choreography in Berlin Pan Am Lounge Wedding Photography

After a few hours, we waved goodbye to the beautiful city of Berlin and began to picture Olesya and Sofian’s album with the many great memories of their spectacular wedding day.

You give the rhythm to my senses.
The beat to my moves.
And a never-ending melody to my ears.
Your hands lead my way,
to a fairytale story and show me
a perfect turn back to you all over again.
You with me
is the only true dance of perfection.

78 Photos in our documentary style from a wedding day in Pan Am Lounge Berlin

Enjoy scrolling through a set of a wedding story from Olesya and Sofian in our documentary style. A wedding full of emotions and real unposed moments, captured by Aleks & Irena at Pan Am Lounge, Berlin, Germany

Why choose the Pan Am Lounge as a wedding venue?

The Pan Am Lounge is a dazzling, iconic Berlin wedding venue that will leave you spoilt for choice. This spectacular penthouse location close to the Breitscheidplatz offers something special in addition to the breathtaking views across the city.

From the blue carpet to the luxe contemporary design, indulgent atmosphere and the stewardesses that will welcome you on entry, it quickly becomes clear why this remains a legendary Berlin venue.

With use of the: rooftop terrace, lounge with its huge bar and dancefloor as well as the more intimate Fireside and Tapestry rooms there is tons of space available. For outdoor fun, Pan Am’s gorgeous rooftop terrace provides wonderful views of Berlin.

Whether you want a BBQ, a contemporary menu or something more classic, Pan Am’s superior catering can meet your needs. With a full bar, signature cocktails and a trendy ice-bar on the rooftop terrace the there is plenty to keep everyone satisfied.

For music, catering staff, decorations and all of the added extras that are involved in creating a fantastic wedding reception, Pan Am has all that you need. From DJs to live acts – everything is possible here. With a wide range of packages on offer to suit every need and budget, as well as your own wedding planner, you can be sure that everything will be taken care of.

What more could you want from a destination wedding venue in Berlin? The decor here is stunning too, so you know that your wedding photographs from the reception will be impressive. A brilliant venue for an unforgettable destination wedding with spectacular wedding photography.

Why choose Berlin, Germany for a destination wedding in Europe?

Berlin is Germany’s dynamic capital city and one of Europe’s top destinations. Famous all over the globe for its culture, individuality and history, Berlin is a sought-after location for any visit to the European continent.

Bold and unique, Berlin packs a punch. From the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag Building, Charlottenburg Palace, Museum Island, Berlin Zoo and Berlin Cathedral, there is an endless flow of top sights and beautiful architecture to see – perfect too for some incredible wedding photography.

When you want to pay homage to the past, the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie are bound to be top of your list.

Potsdamer Place has all of the shops, restaurants and entertainment that you need. Follow it up with a stop in Berlin’s resplendent Grosser Tiergarten – the most impressive park in the city. After a quick nap, you’ll want to check out Berlin’s world-famous nightlife – definitely a few nights to remember from this trip!

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