Omorika Hotel Crikvenica a wedding story of Elena and Goran

We were happy to accept an invitation to Omorika Hotel wedding in Crikvenica. We can say, that Elena and Goran, are a couple, that knew exactly what they wanted. They perfectly planned every moment of their magical day – which really impressed us. On that day, Hotel Omorika in Crikvenica offered its perfect mix. Sea and love, shared by Elena and Goran, and the pleasant warmth of the day. The day was truly magical, even though the wind and the sky chilled the air and threatened to bring along a storm.

At the time of preparation, we were greeted by intense raindrops. Even due to the disturbance, we were optimistic. We captured the moments of the bride and groom, getting ready for the day. Meanwhile, the plucking gang soothed the atmosphere revolving in-between the puddles and rich tables. The groom arranged the time and took an advantage of it to woo the wife under the balcony. She offered him the luxury of sweet expectation and put on the veil with the girls.

A vintage car drove them to the stairway in front of the »altar.« They spoke out the fateful »I do« effortlessly, with a smile on their faces. Blue flower petals worked for hand in hand with the wind and covered the ground under the archway of the building.

Crikvenica wedding photographer

The walk along the seashore of Omorika hotel represented a perfect opportunity for the wedding photographer. The amazing light, that comes after the rain, offered a magnificent atmosphere! The cold storm clouds almost united with the sea! The sea, the shore and the perfect couple could thus create luxurious masterpieces in every single shot. During the time we had a great company of seagulls and the wind breeze. Meanwhile, the shore offered stairway architecture of narrow streets and picturesque palm tree roads spreading between the street lamps.

The merry, fun part of their day was greeted in color. With an array of crystal white, blue and red, that sped up the rhythm of the dance floor. It is always a pleasure to capture the countless relaxed faces.

The tact was created by a popular musician and a friend of the couple. Without too much effort he kept the atmosphere going all until the morning. The husband and wife shared the pleasures of life with our camera lens. They offered countless reasons for yet another click of the shutter.

For all those reasons we were happy to return back to Slovenia. With great pleasure, we started designing the album by Elena and Goran. It offered a preview of their joint life journey. Even in the beginning it already defied the storms and captured the perfection of their day with great determination.

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