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Move over Lake Como – Lake Bled is where it is at. If you took all the best bits of Italy, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary this is what you get – Slovenia. Lake Bled, Slovenia to be precise. Sandwiched in the midst of four of the top international wedding destinations in the world, Slovenia is the place to go for the best features of any European destination wedding. And Lake Bled is the jewel in its crown. Here’s why we are always over the moon, when we get to shoot a wedding in Lake Bled (something that we get to do a lot – lucky us!):

Lake Bled - mix set of wedding photos

Below is a small selection of 58 wedding photos taken in and around the Lake Bled area in the last eight years, for you to see. Please take a look at full weddings to view what a full wedding story looks like from as in our unique storytelling style.

Getting married in Lake Bled

Why choose Lake Bled for your destination wedding location?

Lake Bled is a place that looks like the setting for a dazzling blockbuster movie. It is quite simply out-of-this-world. Why go? From fairytale castles and a deep blue-green lake with an island in the middle, to mystical ancient forests and waterfalls, farm-fresh food, beautiful architecture, and the spectacular Alps. Lake Bled was made for weddings that stun. As for wedding photography – it is every wedding photographer’s dream.

About Lake Bled

Situated in the Julian Alps in Bled, northern Slovenia, Lake Bled is easily reached – travel by car, train or bus. The journey by car is around 40 minutes from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city and approximately 20 minutes from Ljubljana International Airport.

  • Church of St. Martin: This beautiful white-washed church is over one hundred years old, with views to the castle and the lake. Designed by Friedrich von Schmidt, the Church of St. Martin is one of Lake Bled’s many top places to see and an excellent location for a church ceremony.
  • Bled Castle: Located high up in the green hills of Bled, with views of the lake below and the Alps beyond, Bled Castle is well worth the journey to Slovenia – wherever you are in the world. A more idyllic location you will not find. A unique castle wedding venue that will leave both you and your guests lost for words.
  • Vila Bled: Located within the magnificent grounds of the Brdo Estate, Vila Bled is a luxe venue with tons of accommodation for your guests too. With divine views of Lake Bled, Bled Castle and the Julian Alps, this is a stately home wedding venue that ticks every box.
  • The Church of the Assumption: Stun everyone and get married on the island in the middle of the lake. Beginning with a gondola-style pletna boat ride across the lake, this will be a church wedding venue that is beyond your wildest dreams. After your wedding ceremony in the medieval Church of the Assumption, you can ring the wishing bell then drink in the views during your relaxing boat ride to the shore to begin your wedding reception. As for the wedding photos – they are guaranteed to be awesome!
  • Grand Hotel Toplice: A gorgeous hotel venue with the resplendent lake, alps and Bled Castle all within view. With a range of sumptuous spaces to choose from, including the Julijana Terrace positioned above the lake, this is, without a doubt, the best hotel wedding venue in town.

Top things to do in Lake Bled?

Offering breathtaking views of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is a stunning landscape with lots to do. Take a revitalizing horse-ride, hike or cycle through the lush green mountains that surround. Or enjoy the variety of water sports that are available back on the ground level. Stay waterside for a romantic gondola-style pletna boat ride out to the lake’s extraordinarily rich, green island with its two exquisite churches.

Up high on the hill, like a drawing from a fairytale, is the fantastical Bled castle. To the north of the lake are the thermal springs that keep Lake Bled at the perfect temperature for relaxing lakeside activities. The magnificent ancient woodlands with their waterfalls, rapids, and pools are perfect for some unforgettable glamping and hiking. Then, of course, there is the pretty town of Bled, as well as nearby Ljubljana to explore, with its riverside eateries and tree-lined streets.

So as you can see, Lake Bled is a dazzling location with lots for you and your guests to enjoy, gorgeous locations for your wedding and landscapes that were made for stunning wedding photography. Perfect.

How to get to Lake Bled

Flights arrive at Ljubljana International Airport from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Flight operators include all major airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Easy Jet, Austrian Airlines, Wizz Air and Turkish Airlines. The airport operates a direct shuttle bus service to Lake Bled, or you can travel the short distance to Lake Bled by car, which takes about 40 minutes. In addition to bus and train services to Bled from within Slovenia, there are also direct travel services from a number of European cities. For more information visit

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