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The Capaldi Hotel Wedding Photography, Marrakech Morocco

Capaldi Hotel Wedding Photography A Destination Wedding Story of Mirele and Omar

Morocco’s name originates from the former capital Marrakech. Travelers are told that if they did not visit Marrakech they did not get to know the real Morocco. Looking back, can we say, that if you did not get married in Morocco, that you did not actually meet the bride. – doesn’t make sense

The wedding in Morocco began quite unusually. The first day was rainy, but no one minded, because the landscape there is amazing, and people are extremely kind and open. A Brazilian bride Mirele and an Indian groom Omar chose Marrakech as their wedding destination because of its diversity, multiculturalism and colourfulness. The wedding was special, because the guests came to the wedding from all over the world.

The newly weds found me on Instagram and enthused me in a second, with their idea of a three-day wedding. I love a challenge and I could be doing three days long wedding photography for a lifetime! And this one was quite big there were 120 guests, but I was excited and ready for the wedding.

A Multi-Day Wedding Photographer at Capaldi Hotel in Marrakech Morocco

On the first day, there was a reception for the first guests in the city centre, followed by lunch where all the guests got acquainted. After lunch there was a friendly gathering along with body painting with henna.  On the second day, a reception for all the other guests took place in The Capaldi Hotel. The most daring guests were soon off camel riding. After that a snake-tamer amazed the guests with his act. In the evening all the guests got to see another Morrocan art – fire-eating, but the climax of the evening was most definitely the pre-wedding party.

The third day was reserved for the most important event – the wedding ceremony. The bride Mirele amazed us with her dress choices throughout all three days, but she saved the best ones for the last day. At first, she shone in a gorgeous white wedding dress with long, transparent veil, along with her elegant husband Omar. At the after-wedding dinner, as a sign of respect for her husbands’ culture, she wore a traditional Indian dress that weighed 12 kgs. Her husband also wore a traditional Indian outfit.

As a big ending to the three days, the newly weds threw a party with a world renowned DJ Samhara, where all electronic music fans danced, and the bride impressed us with a sparkling dress in a Brazilian samba style.

98 Photos in a Our Style From a Multi-Day Wedding at Capaldi Hotel in Marrakech Morocco

Enjoy scrolling through a set of a multi-day wedding from Mirele and Omar in our storytelling style. A wedding full of emotions and real unposed moments, captured by Aleks & Irena at The Capaldi Hotel, Marrakech Moroco

Capaldi Hotel Wedding Photographer

Situated in the hills below Morocco’s stunning Atlas Mountains, The Capaldi Hotel is guaranteed to be something special. For a breathtaking wedding backdrop filled with the most incredible landscape The Capaldi Atlas Hotel is the place to go.

The view takes in everything from the Atlas Mountains to rugged rolling hills, olive groves, the Agafay Desert beyond and the resplendent lush green manicured grounds of the hotel. It is a jaw-dropping and the hotel is every bit as impressive.

To top things off the dazzling city of Marrakech is only 35 minutes drive away, so The Capaldi Hotel offers the opportunity to combine the best of all that makes Marrakech so special.

Tucked away in the tranquil location of Lalla Takerkoust, the vibrant buzz of the city is a forgotten memory once you arrive. Here you can relax, indulge and unwind in the most luxurious setting surrounded by green palms, pure mountain air and the beautiful Lalla Takerkoust Lake which is close by.

The Capaldi Hotel in Atlas is a spectacular luxury, boutique hotel with a warm, friendly atmosphere and a distinct air of elegant indulgence. The facilities are superb and there are a range of impressive spaces that you can use for your celebrations.

Swim in either the mesmerising outdoor pool or the divine heated indoor pool. Discover the wide range of treatments available in the spa complete with a traditional hamman or get lost in the hotel library.

For dining there is a restaurant, bar and lounge area as well as an outdoor terrace with views across the grounds and a beautiful summerhouse. The restaurant is a destination itself that serves up fine, French-inspired gourmet dishes that delight.

When you do decide to emerge from the tranquillity of the hotel, as well as the incredible city of Marrakech to explore, there is also every type of experience on offer for you to enjoy if you choose. Whether you want to hike into the Atlas mountains, partake in watersports on Lalla Takerkoust Lake or take an excursion into the desert – everything is available here.

Accommodation comes in the form of 23 unique cottages with plush, spacious rooms and suites of every type and style. Each cottage is uniquely designed and stylishly decorated. Most cottages come with private outdoor areas and even their own private pools. For you and your partner, the hotel’s sensational bridal suite awaits

When you do get back to your cottage you have no choice but to enjoy some much needed R&R because there are no televisions in any of the hotel’s rooms. Instead you and your guests can enjoy your on-screen entertainment together in the hotel’s cinema – a lovely way to keep the bedroom as a place of rest whilst ensuring that the fun can continue when the sun goes down.

slovenian castle wedding venues

Slovenian Castle Wedding Venues, Best Wedding Photography

Best of series Slovenian Castle Wedding Venues

A castle wedding anyone? Sounds far-fetched or so you thought. It sounds too good to be true, but a destination wedding in Slovenia can mean choosing between its many castles, for the fairytale castle wedding that you never even thought to dream of. With Italy, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary on its borders, Slovenia is a blend of the best bits of all four top international wedding destinations. Offering up more jaw-dropping moments than you ever imagined, Slovenia is arguably the best European destination wedding location around. Here’s a quick round-up of your top options for a castle wedding in Slovenia:

Why choose Slovenia for your destination wedding location?

Slovenia is spectacular. It’s that simple. If you want pretty little towns, historic architecture and sweet little churches, picturesque alps, a magical lake, tons of water sports, hikes, horse-riding and cycling, lush green hillsides, dazzling horses, spectacular wedding venues and gorgeous fresh food – then Slovenia is it.

Then there are the castles.

Top Slovenian castle wedding venues

  • Bled Castle: With Lake Bled below and the Julian Alps in view, sixteenth century Bled Castle is simply sublime. Part of the exquisite Brdo Estate, Bled Castle is a hilltop castle straight from the pages of any fairy tale. Romantic is an understatement, when it comes to this majestic venue. With the incredible Brdo Park beside, for all of your spectacular wedding photography, as well as Vila Bled beyond, this an astounding venue for your wedding, that won’t disappoint.
  • Ljubljana Castle: This gorgeous, ornate eleventh century castle, looks down onto the magnificent capital city of Ljubljana, as well as across to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Krim Mountain. Situated high up on Castle Hill, with its own chapel and viewing terrace, it is one of Slovenia’s most treasured landmarks and a sought-after wedding location. Perfectly positioned for a spell-binding wedding with all the benefits of such a central location, this a superb choice for a castle wedding venue. 
  • Otočec Castle: As if the castle setting was not enough, Otočec Castle lets you take things up another notch, as a castle in the middle of the River Krka. This grand medieval water castle is the only water castle in Slovenia. Imagine sweet river wildlife, bridges, towers and forests beyond. All within a luxurious hotel complex. Divine. Clearly, the  glamorous choice that will blow your mind (and all your guests’ too).
  • Predjama Castle: If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this one. Nestled into the side of a cliff, with its own bat cave by its side, Predjama Castle looks like a castle from a film set. This unique Gothic castle venue features stunning period architecture, a lattice of underground tunnels and its own cave. With legends attached to its history, this unusual castle is astounding – probably unlike any other wedding venue you, or your guests will have seen before.
  • Gredič Castle: This sweet little castle, is wonderfully unique. If you are a wine connoisseur, then this may be the one for you. Located in the heart of Slovenia’s Napa Valley, Goriska Brda, Gredič Castle looks outs onto a gorgeous, lush hillside landscape that produces fantastic wine. Close to the border of Italy, Gredič is a sixteenth castle that provides an unforgettable setting for a more intimate wedding venue in a luxe hotel resort in the hills.

With such a range of dazzling landscapes and unique, grand castle wedding venues to choose from, it goes without saying that the wedding photography for your destination wedding, is going to be out-of-this world.

41 Photos from a wedding story of Spela and Tomaz at Brdo Estate from award winning photographer

Below is a wedding story from a wedding at Brdo Estate, which we had photographed. One of our favorite places to photograph a wedding in our documentary style.

The magic of Lake Bled wedding photography

Despite all of the magnificence of Slovenia’s castle wedding venues, it is impossible to talk about Slovenia, without mentioning Lake Bled. To visit Slovenia without taking a trip to Lake Bled would be an opportunity missed. What’s so special about Lake Bled?

Slovenia’s Lake Como and then some, Lake Bled is a spectacular lakeside resort in the chocolate-box pretty town of Bled. In the midst of the Julian Alps and Bled Castle, Lake Bled is so stunning that it almost seems unreal. Take a gondola-style trip across the lake to the enchanting isle in the middle, enjoy the many water sports, take a hike, horse-ride or cycle into the mountains or relax and soak up the views riverside. Then there are the wedding venues. …more about Lake Bled wedding venues

Flights arrive at Ljubljana International Airport from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Flight operators include all major airlines such as: British Airways, Lufthansa, Easy Jet, Austrian Airlines, Wizz Air and Turkish Airlines. For more information visit

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Thinking about getting married in Slovenia Castle wedding venues or somewhere else in the world? Give us a call, or use the enquiry form below! We love capturing all of the magical moments for your wedding day naturally  – without intruding or staging fake poses. We shoot destination weddings across Slovenia, Europe, and the world. Based in Slovenia,  we know all of the top Slovenian wedding destinations inside out, follow the links below to find out more!

My lessons to never lose faith 1

My lessons to never lose faith

Not tomorrow, but today, NOW! Never lose faith!

It has been a few days since this whole situation started, so let me share some of my experience and opinions with you. I share this note first in my private workshop groups, then in some other groups over Facebook and never thought that this will be accepted so well! So I am sharing here in public with you.

I have seen some people already talking and toasting with their mirrors, although it has not even been the whole week of quarantine, and I do not want to be one of them. I do not also want to know what people will do with their mirrors in the next 2, 3, or God forbid four or more weeks.

Joke aside, the situation we are in is very serious, and actions are just calling to be taken!

This is so wrong!

Lots of you have never heard of the word written below, and there has never been an opportunity to talk about it openly. To exchange opinions. It is in human nature to not write personal distress with white paint on Trbovlje chimney (trboveljski »raufnk,« 365 m), where the whole world can see it. This applies even better when we are talking about failure. Never lose faith! 

What an illusion!

This situation is reminding me of the year 2008 when the big economic crisis began. I found myself in it with not only one, but three companies! Me and my family. Just like now, overnight! We lost business, clients, payment over 100.000 € with never settled debt! With employees! And the worst part of it all was clients committing suicide!

Back then, I wished I had more knowledge and experience; I would have given everything to ease pain and distress. A long road was ahead of us. A path through so much pain and sacrifice that we have once already gone through. Consensual resignation of employees, colleagues! Friends! Endless job hunt, business for paying back creditors, which we have repaid every last cent with sacrificing. Instead of buying material goods with the money we made, we have invested it into education, machines, equipment, and awareness of what can happen overnight. It is not much for the road, but it is enough.

And look at that. The year 2020 has come. A leap year, which promised a lot, but gave little. These are the words of my grandmother, who will reach 90 years this year; God keeps her healthy!

And just how right she was. This year promised a lot! Even more than a lot! This should be a prosperous year in all fields! Social, business, all full of success! Silhouette of the success began showing a long time ago, in the year of 2018. Is it possible that the anticipation was too high?

This leap year has brought us a situation we have never seen before. A situation that until now we have only seen in a movie. With popcorn and Coca-Cola in hands, the comforts of our couch have never allowed us to think that a movie scenario will someday be our reality! 

The reality

And here we are today, right now at this moment, wondering what the future will bring, how to move forward. With this thought in mind, I involuntarily go back in mind, to my path from the last 12 years. On all the lectures I have learned, for which I am grateful that have happened. There are a lot of them, and maybe I will even write them down someday when all of this is over, just for the sake of it. Old age is approaching rapidly for me, and my brain cells will start to decline someday.

It is my pleasure to share some essential experience with you, because who knows, maybe someone needs to hear them, perhaps they are just a puzzle piece, on the way to the big picture. Just as the words written above are giving my lectures a point. Who knows?

The given situation has created a wave in the last few days. A wave of questions from the couple’s side and the photographer’s side. A whole lot of the latter have come to me, and only now have I realized what massive network of friends from all around the globe has formed in the last few years. Interesting!

My actions! My lessons from the past; NEVER lose faith!

For the last 15 years, we capture more than 500 amazing couples and their stories around the globe! Along the way, we run into a thousand and one problems. We learned our self lessons and built a massive bank of knowledge; My experiences to never lose faith!

As you can see, my path wasn’t lovely; there had been hard times, and I wish there were someone out offer help at that time! If you are currently in the same state of searching for a piece of advice or been miss lead in these times, please don’t hesitate to message me!
I will be more than glad if I can pass our lessons or just any advice to help you make the best decision regarding your wedding or photography part!

My dear brides and grooms, regardless if we are capturing your Briliant wedding story or not, you are more then welcome or feel free to pass this message to anyone who is getting married.

Photographers welcome too!!!

Send me an email;, or if you prefer, you can DM me via WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

The END!

So, we have come to the end of my personal short record. It has all come from my heart in these unfortunate and uncertain times; I hope you have found something useful and you will never lose a faith! It will be my pleasure to share some more experiences with you. Or maybe it would be better to have a toast with a mirror. 🙂

Stay safe, and never lose faith!

Xoxo Alex

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