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Aiola im Schloss Wedding Photography Graz Austria | Nina & Maximilian

Aiola im Schloss a wedding story about Nina and Maximilian

Once again we photographed a wedding at Aiola im Schloss, in Graz. Just a day before we attended a wedding in Slovenia at Brdo, a beautiful Slovenian wedding venue. We only slept for two hours before we were, heading towards new challenges. This time accompanied by Nina and Maximilian, who found us through wedding photography that we took at Brdo last year, that delighted them. With confidence, they shared their wishes and dreams with us to turn into a reality. Which wedding photographer anywhere, not just in Graz, could turn that down?

The summer was slowly waving goodbye, and the fall had started to offer the warmth of its colors. Thus our lens helped us catch a thread of warm brown tones, with a cute palette of events, meetings, and hugs from that day. Even before the stunning bride in white arrived at the scene, we played with the raw squares, cold beams and the austerity of the brick walls, twinning them with high ceilings and arches to give just enough space to the light. The bride’s elegant minimalist styling further enhanced contrast and romance.

We accompanied the future Mrs. on the streets of Graz, where shadows and reflections met, then on to a hotel nearby for a brilliant time of socializing for the bridal party. We eagerly awaited the magnificence of the ceremony in the church, that didn’t take away the warmth of colors due to its spaciousness and the light playfully shone through the colorful stained glass adding a touch of magic to the ritual “I do!”. The icing on the cake came straight after, in the garden, between arches semi-covered in darkness.

Aiola im Schloss Wedding


The celebration then continued in  Aiola im Schloss, Graz. We were surprised by a fantastic dark and square (not sure what you mean by square here) ambiance, interspersed with hanging lights and warm, passionate shades of red. Dim lighting helped to create a pleasant atmosphere, enriched by the bride and groom, whose warmth and kindness shone into the hearts of their guests (and didn’t escape the sharp eye of a Graz wedding photographer either!) Fantastically different with a thick thread of warmth!

All of that is proof that even two sleepless nights in a row and many, many hours work don’t prevent you from creating a remarkable wedding story, with an eye constantly on the lookout to capture moments before they happened.

Why choose Aiola im Schloss as a wedding venue?

Aiola im Schloss is a pretty, sought-after castle wedding venue high in the hills of northern Graz. Situated in beautiful, green grounds, this stunning 19th-century castle location boasts tons of space and wonderful views across the Graz countryside – perfect for an outdoor wedding with spectacular wedding photography.

There is access to two spacious and bright floors for your wedding, featuring floor to ceiling windows, exquisite decor, and picturesque views. Aiola im Schloss has much to offer including gorgeous preparation suites for the bride, groom and bridal party, two garden terraces overlooking the breathtaking, lush Graz countryside, an open-air bar, lots of outdoor seating, room for up to 110 wedding guests and plenty of space for the day’s festivities.

This elegant venue has a number of wedding packages available, as well as your own dedicated wedding planner. Aiola im Schloss can supply all the extras that you need for your special day, from wedding flowers to sweet stands and wedding venue decorations.

With award-winning, locally sourced traditional and contemporary Austrian food to choose from, you can create your own delicious wedding menu or select from one of the numerous menu options available.

For your guests at, there are plenty of grounds to explore and 150 parking spaces on site. A brilliant venue for an unforgettable destination wedding with spectacular wedding photography.

Why choose Graz, Austria for a destination wedding in Europe?

Graz is a top destination and Austria’s second largest city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, its roots go all the way back to Roman times and it is one of Europe’s oldest and prettiest cities.

The River Mur is the beating heart of the city, perfect for plenty of relaxing riverside cafe culture. This beautiful city of red roofs and white finished buildings boasts impressive architecture spanning everything from Renaissance to  Baroque and modern styling. Rolling emerald hills on all sides make dazzling views easy to find and countless opportunities for magnificent wedding photography.

Steeped in history, there is so much to see here. From its 34 museums to its castles, the largest collection of armor in the world and cathedral – Graz has lots to offer. Take a trip to see the astonishing Eggenberg Palace with its mathematical features, including 365 windows, 31 rooms, splendid peacocks and resplendent grounds.

For a 360 degree view of the city in all its splendor, climb Schlossberg to see Graz at its best. Uhrturm, Graz’s historic 28 meter-high clocktower is the last vestige of Graz castle and well worth a visit. 

Graz is renowned for its fresh cuisine and was recognized as a City of Culinary Delights in 2008. From Kaiser Josef Farmer’s Market to its many restaurants, bars, and cafes, there is enough to impress even the most seasoned foodie.

Not to be missed is the fine treat that awaits at the top of Sporgasse. Ascend the pretty cobbled street with its charming colorful buildings to reach Hofbackerei, the former imperial bakery that is still turning out baked goodies fit for a king.

For more about getting married in Austria visit: Austria Info

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manilla turku wedding

Manilla Turku Wedding Photographer in Finland | Paulina & David

Manilla Turku Wedding a story about Paulina & David

One of the most significant roles in the history of Finland belongs to its oldest town Turku, which has been there through all the historical events and turning points that have marked the life of the city and the country itself. Even in our story, the city of Turku had a valuable role since it offered a cue for the narrative of another breakthrough, this time a Manilla Turku wedding photographer story.

Charming Finnish bride Paulina and her compassionate David from Germany wanted to affirm the love they have for each other in the city. They wanted a venue that tells a tale of them belonging to one another and of mutuality, but must at the same time include freedom, connection, and friendship bond.

The day we arrived in the city was a cold and windy August day, but the scenery was harmonious. The next day brought a change of dynamics, a new working rhythm, but most of all it brought warmth and affection to all of us who were there to create a one of a kind wedding event.

Give the meaning to the wedding photography

For the making of portraits, we chose a famous archipelago Turku, or more precisely the Ruissalo peninsula, where there are vast regions of oak woods that are included in programs for preservation and protection of nature. In the affection of these robust old oak trees, symbols of stability, persistence, and durability, Pauline and Davids hug represents the primal ritual of the words »I do.«

Archipelagos see at the bottom is splitting the hug, broadening it and connecting it to hope, to something new and do something unexpected. First spontaneous moments that only an eye of an experienced photographer acknowledges help with finding a meaning to making an unforgettable wedding story. That is how we managed to capture a moving moment of the couple with a boat that had a Finnish flag on it.

75 storytelling wedding photos captured at Manilla Turku venue

When coming back, Manilla Turku wedding venue took over a part as a center of events for our newlyweds. We, too, left behind the mystics of the forest and transformed ourselves into urban wedding photographers in the Manilla Turku wedding venue. The city gave us a real graphical challenge with its minimalistic and industrial style. With the help and organization of the bride and groom’s family and friends, the center of scenery came to life with details, which wanted to tell the experience of the young couple uniquely.

The guests made a relaxed, happy scenery and we managed to capture wedding memories that tell a real story and express genuine affection between the guests. We managed to take photos of intimate moments of the young couple and experience some unforgettable moments of wedding photography.

Turku, with that extra something special for a wedding

The wedding venue, Manilla in Finland, is a beautiful example of why contemporary wedding venues and destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. This was an international, modern wedding, so the stunning, vibrant city of Turku was a perfect choice. Using The Manila Factory at Manillas Works, Turku for the wedding venue, added that extra something special.

Here’s why The Manila Factory at Manillas Works, Turku is a top choice for a destination wedding to remember in Finland.

Situated along the banks of the River Aura, Turku is a beautiful, energetic, medieval city with bags of culture, character, and charm. Finland’s oldest city has been a sought after destination for over 800 years. This beautiful town with the river running through its center dates back to the 13th century, so you are guaranteed to have stunning views and plenty to see and do. Selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2011, it is no surprise that this is the wedding location of choice for so many who want a memorable wedding in Finland.

This thumping, modern city is the perfect mix of old and new, enabling it to ooze, so well, with contemporary style. From the beautiful ship and restaurants along the river to the charming cobbled streets, captivating museums, gorgeous parks, theme parks and cathedral, Turku is a picturesque hub of activity that has something for everyone.

The West Bank is the center of it all, with Turku Castle, the Forum MarinumMaritime Centre, Turku Art Museum, the Main Library, Pharmacy Museum, and Market Hall all located here. On the opposite side of the river, the East Bank also has lots to offer. Home to the Aboa Vetus and Art Nova, Sibelius Museum, the Old Town Centre, the Luostarinmaki Handicrafts Museum and the Waino Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku’s eastern flank should not be overlooked.

So, top must-sees in Turku? Take a ferry, car, bike or waterbus to tour some of Turku’s famous archipelago. A collection of 20,000 glorious islands and skerries, all easily accessible from the shores of Turku.

These impressive natural wildernesses are dotted with tiny villages, dazzling sea life, magnificent views, sporting experiences, golf courses, adventure trails, and divine spas. With its distinctive design and tall spire, Turku Cathedral in Turku’s Old Great Square is a historical landmark. Built-in 1300, Turku Cathedral is Finland’s most famous historical building and treasured possession.

A perfect location for a destination wedding photography

Featuring stunning architecture, frescoes, three organs and a striking Victorian altarpiece by the Swedish artist Fredrik Westin, Turku Cathedral is an excellent place. The burial place for many, many prominent national figures, this much-loved structure on the banks of the river, is also home to the Cathedral Museum. The museum is well worth a visit and details the history of the building and local area, over the last 700 years. Built around 1280, Turku Castle is a fascinating structure, filled with lots of things to keep everyone entertained.

Despite being over 700 years old, it is one of Finland’s oldest working buildings. This top attraction boasts a children’s tour, re-enactments, endless rooms, beautiful exhibits and a variety of events, all detailing Turku’s rich historical and cultural past. Combining contemporary art and archaeology, The Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova is one of Turku’s star attractions. Go below the city to learn about its unique history, then return to higher ground to view the best of its more recent artistic delights.

For more artistic wonders, head to the Luostarinmaki Handicrafts Museum to discover life in the 18th century. Experience old Turku in all its glory, from its homes to its wide range of traders, walk the streets as they were, and see skilled craftsmen in action, working as they did all those years ago. For something comprehensive, the Turku Art Museum houses the country’s most prestigious collection of over 7000 pieces of dating from the past to today.

This magnificent building, designed by Professor Gustaf Nystrom, is a work of art itself, with a gorgeous cafe that boasts fabulous views across the city. For family fun, there are plenty of options.

Discover Finland’s fascinating nautical history at the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre. Home to Finland’s national maritime museum, this is an astonishing array of boats, exhibits, and experiences that will delight even the youngest members of the group. With Flowpark Ecological Adventure Park, Moomin World, and the Kurjenrahka National Park to enjoy too, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained.

And that is only the beginning! With so much to do and see in this desirable location, it is no wonder Turku ticks all the boxes for a top, contemporary destination wedding in Finland. When you top it off with a wedding at The Manila Factory, Manilla Turku, then you have the perfect combination for a contemporary wedding to remember.

Manilla Turku contemporary wedding venue

If you are looking for that extra something special for your modern wedding, Manilla Turku is a wedding venue that is at the top of everyone’s list. Sitting on the east bank of the river, it soon becomes clear why Manilla Turku is also known as The Manila Cultural Factory. The Manila Factory is a unique multi-venue site, boasting event spaces, galleries, meeting rooms and more. Situated by the river, within easy reach of all the best that Turku has to offer, this beautiful site is a lovely choice for a destination wedding in Finland. Built-in the 1860s, The Manila Factory was a wine factory, then later, Finland’s first rope factory.

Since its renovation in 2001, Manilla Truku has become one of Finland’s top locations for music, art, and theatrical events, as well as contemporary weddings. This gorgeous venue’s most modern wedding space, The Old Vineyard, is spread across two floors – perfect for a dramatic entrance as you descend the stairs. High ceilings, an abundance of bright, light space and neutral decor, means that this is a flexible venue, that you can use however you like for dinner, dancing, and the ceremony.

Weddings at this brilliant Manilla Turku wedding venue

Space has an on-trend contemporary feel, with exposed brickwork, feature lighting, a glass loft, partly glazed floor, and splendid views. The atmosphere here too is as modern as you would expect. Relaxed yet professional, attention to detail yet accommodating, the perfect blend that you need to create the personalized, modern wedding of your dreams.

Arrive the day before, with family and friends in tow, to get the venue exactly as you want. Use the splendid riverside surroundings and nearby archipelago for stunning photos. Bring in your catering and drinks, plus the entertainment of your choice, then turn up on the day to enjoy all of your meticulous plans! With all of the facilities that you need, in a superb, sought-after location, Manilla Turku is a top choice for a unique destination wedding in Turku, Finland.

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Altaussee Wedding Photography in Austria | Michelle & Alex 1

Altaussee Wedding Photography in Austria | Michelle & Alex


We could easily say for us, moments in Altaussee are everything. They add meaning and let us remember exactly how we felt at the time. But most importantly, they are unique one-off events that will never happen again. And oh boy! This wedding was full of them at wedding photography in Austria.

It all began last year when we received a beautiful letter from Michelle and Alex, saying “we are a couple from NYC, and we plan to get married at Altausee Austria.” Michelle had found us on Instagram and immediately fallen in love with our work. A true connection! 

So there we were driving towards our Altaussee wedding photography, to capture two days of Michelle and Alex’s wedding celebrations. Michelle wanted to do a portrait session a day before the wedding, which we decided to shoot in Hallstatt. 

Hallstatt is an old-style Austrian city, with a beautiful lake in the middle of the city, surrounded by huge mountains, which created a stunning backdrop to our shoot.

Altaussee wedding photography

The next day, Michelle and Alex’s wedding kicked off with preparations at the local hotel, Altaussee Austria. Next it was time for the wedding ceremony at a charming old church in the middle of the city, where guests were greeted to gorgeous bride escorted by her father, who gently held her dress. A meaningful moment! 

After the ceremony the celebrations moved on to a venue across the lake. The couple arrived standing on a boat, in the midst of raindrops which fell majestically from dark clouds. With dramatic mountains on either side, this was an unforgettable moment. Moments which continued long into the night.

Allow us to thank you sincerely, Michelle & Alex, for inviting us to your fantastic Altaussee wedding photography in Austria, we had a beautiful time! We wish you both all the best for the future!

Enough writing, please scroll down and enjoy the selection from another great adventure in Altausee wedding! 

Wedding photograhy in Austria for a destination wedding in Europe?

If you want a natural idyll with breathtaking scenery, Altaussee could be the European wedding destination for you. Famous for its salt mines, healing spas and staggering Alpine scenery, time spent in Altaussee is guaranteed to leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Home to the world’s most renowned, luxe health centre, The Vivamayr Altaussee, you might just find yourself passing a celeb or two on a stroll across the mountains.

Located in a magnificent lakeside setting, Altaussee sits on the banks of Lake Altaussee encircled by spectacular, green mountains. Offering a divine Alpine village location, Altaussee’s mountains are covered in lush forests, waterfalls, wild flowers and grasslands. The three tallest peaks in the area are: Loser, Trisselwand and Sandling. All three form a memorable part of the area’s idyllic landscape.

Altaussee Wedding

With so much natural scenery around you, you can’t help but get out and about. Take a stroll around Lake Altaussee or hike through its astonishing mountains and drink in the spectacular views.

Lake Grundlsee, Styria’s largest lake is close by. Popular with the locals there are beaches to relax on, as well as swimming, surfing, sailing and boats for hire. Lake Grundlsee offers breathtaking views across its five square kilometres and you may well want to enjoy a guided boat tour to find out more about it.

Take a trip through the Altaussee Salt Mine, renowned for its ancient salt reserves that date all the way back to the Bronze Age. More recently, Altaussee Salt Mine has garnered a special significance due to its incredible use during World War Two.

Visit pretty Hallstatt on the shores of the lake. Beautiful architecture built into the mountains is both charming and unforgettable. Explore gorgeous, traditional artisan crafts at Hand.Werk.Haus, including woodwork, sewing and shoe-making.

Descend deep down inside the Hallstatt Salt Mine via its unique slide entrance which takes you into one of the world’s oldest salt mines. Up above, the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car will take you into Krippenstein mountain with its enchanting caves and camouflaged viewing platforms.

If you are brave enough, you can climb the gigantic World Heritage Spiral or explore the dizzying walkways of the 5 Fingers Panoramic Platform.

Bad Aussee also has lots to keep you entertained. The Kammerhofmuseum is brimming with the ancient history of the area, with plenty of fossils on display and a whistlestop tour through the story of Altaussee’s thriving salt trade.

For body, soul and mind indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment at Vital Bad Aussee Spa, then liven things up with a stroll through Bad Aussee’s memorable, bustling town.

Food here is fresh, delicious and plentiful.

Nearest airport: Salzburg airport

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