A Destination Wedding in Tarragona Spain

The Spanish city of Tarragona lies in the Tarragona province on the southern coast of Spain. Tarragona has a vibrant history, and we all know that weddings held in historically significant cites are rather magical. It just so happened that the wedding was set on the exact date of my wife’s birthday, so we traveled a few days beforehand so that I could take Irena to see her beloved singer, Pablo Alborán, in concert at Granada. The concert was a fantastic opportunity to relax because the wedding was set for the following days.

This wedding at Castell de Gimenelles Hotel was a big challenge for us because the groom is an ex-sports photographer, so he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a non-invasive documentary approach and documentation of special wedding moments – those fun, spontaneous, and real emotional moments that remain imprinted in our memories forever. He wanted documentation of moments, that leave a mark on wedding photography, that only the best photographers can catch.

Castell De Gimenelles Hotel a Wedding Story of Elizabeth and Alejandro

The bride and the groom were meeting us in Tarragona. The wedding preparations took place in Castell de Gimenelles Hotel, where guests from all over the world arrived for the wedding celebration. The atmosphere was relaxing from the very beginning, but the soon-to-be-newlyweds kept on trying to make it, even more relaxing with humor – they also came to the wedding day breakfast in their pajamas!

The great atmosphere and fantastic energy amongst the guests created a fabulous wedding at Castell de Gimenelles Hotel. All the power traveled like a wave from the hotel to the wedding ceremony venue, the Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm winery, where a traditional ceremony with a lot of emotions, tears, and affection took place. A formal ceremony with speeches, memories, and a lot of laughing foretold an amazing post-ceremony party with a lot of dancing and an explosion of positive energy.

This was yet another fantastic wedding experience for the newlyweds, guests, and us.

77 Photos in a Documentary Style From a Wedding Day

Enjoy scrolling through a set of a wedding day from Elizabeth and Alejandro in a documentary style. A wedding full of emotions and real unposed moments, captured by Aleks & Irena Castelle De Giminalles, Tarragona Spain.

Castell De Gimenelles Wedding Photographer

Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm Winery is a stunning location for a destination wedding ceremony in Spain. Situated in a vineyard in the hills of Tarragona with beautiful views across the rural landscape of Tarragona and out to the Mediterranean sea, Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm Winery creates a glorious backdrop for your ceremony.

Irena paired their ceremony at Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm Winery with a fantastic reception at Castell De Gimenelles also in Tarragona.

Castell De Gimenelles is a charming country hotel in the most impressive location. Sitting at the top of a hill, the hotel offers magnificent views in every direction of the glorious green hills, vineyards, and valleys that surround.

This is the most tranquil wedding venue imaginable, with nothing but plants and flora in sight in any direction- and all the time, the Spanish sun delivers the most idyllic weather.

Originally a Spanish farmhouse, this striking stone building was constructed in the 18th century and sits at the beginnings of the Gimenelles Mountains. Located close to the coast of Tarragona, the temperature at Castell De Gimenelles is always accompanied by a pleasant breeze.

Space is plentiful here, with three dining rooms and, of course, the unmissable outdoor space.

The hotel grounds include two extensive gardens, a pool, a large pond, an outdoor terrace, and more.

There are two large lounge areas, including the Winter Garden, a sun-room that leads out on to the grounds.

If you want to get out and about you can rent a bike, take a hike or pop down to the beach which is not far away.

Castell De Gimenelles is located in The Penedes, Catalonia’s most significant wine-growing region, so that you can expect plenty of superb, local wines as well as excellent olive oil freshly pressed from local arbequina olives. Meals are delicious Catalonian fare, the ideal accompaniment to all the fresh coastal air and long walks in the open – all ingredients are, of course, locally sourced.

Castell De Gimenelles is the perfect place to escape from it all, so for those who want to stay overnight, there are eight double rooms.

Why Choose Tarragona in Spain For a Destination Wedding in Europe?

Located by the coast of Spain in the beautiful region of Catalonia, Tarragona is a picturesque destination with sensational sea views of the Mediterranean Sea that lies ahead. From its green hills and vineyards to its golden coastline, this is a perfect Spanish destination with lots to enjoy.

Situated between Barcelona and Castellon, Tarragona is a prime location for all the best that Spain has to offer and a great central location from which to explore other Spanish gems such as Barcelona, which is easily accessed via Spain’s highly efficient train lines.

Its proximity to the sea and lush landscape means that it is no surprise that Tarragona was once a favored Roman city, the most glorious in all of Roman Spain. Here and there, there are still many ruins left to uncover from the old Roman capital city that was located in Tarragona, such as Circ Roma, an old chariot track.

Visit the Tarragona Amphitheatre from which you can drink in the sea views and imagine a world that has long faded away or the incredible Les Ferreres Aqueduct, which is still standing.

Marvel at the beauty of Tarragona Cathedral built in the 11th century on what was once a Roman temple. From its Romanesque and Gothic- style architecture to its impressive dome, this is a sight not to miss.

If you want to explore the diversity of the city, Tarragona’s Moorish quarter is a must-see. Part Alta, the oldest part of the town, set on high is a dazzling sight, and a stroll along the Rambla Nova ends in an astounding vista out to sea.

And that is only a small selection of the many things to do here. From history to culture and picturesque locations, Tarragona is a beautiful city in a phenomenal area.

Nearest airport: Castell De Gimenelles is situated an equal distance from both Reus Airport in Tarragona and Barcelona Airport.

For more about getting married in Spain visit: Getting-Married-in-Spain for more informations.

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