Awards and Achievements in Wedding Photography by Aleks Kus

Awards & Achivments

Every wedding is a unique adventure. Our passion for destination wedding photography enables us to see and capture uniquely beautiful moments, loved ones, and spectacular locations, as they happen. Split-second shots that tell the unique story of your wedding day most authentically.

We do it, and we love doing it because wedding photography is our passion. So when we are lucky enough to receive an award or official recognition for the beautiful moments that we capture, it is a bonus.

We have won many awards and much recognition for our destination wedding photography awards – which we are proud of. Some of our many awards include:

  • Photographer Keep It Real Award 2018 – we were awarded second place for our global documentary wedding photography
  • Photographer Keep It Real Award – currently, we are at 3rd place for 2019 our global documentary wedding photography
  • Wedding Photo Journalist Association Award- we have received 24 awards from the Photo Journalist Association over the last years / 2013 – 2019
  • This Is Reportage Award in 2018 for world-class standard documentary wedding photography.
  • This Is Reportage Award in 2019 we have been selected in top 100 photographers for world-class standard documentary wedding photography
  • Fearless Photographers Award 2011 and 2012 for outstanding wedding photography
  • Wedding Photography Select Award in 2017 and 2018 for exceptional wedding photography
  • Photographres Kepp It Real – Select Aleks as one of the TOP 10 documentary wedding photographers in the world for 2020
  • and lots more…

Awarded Images

One of the best wedding storytelling photographer in the world

When you are looking for a wedding photographer for your destination wedding, you want the perfect blend of technical skill, creativity, composition, and story-telling — wedding photography where every shot tells a story. We are honored and humbled to have received so many awards and to have been recognized so many times by the industry.

From awards to features in magazines and blogs, all of these acknowledgments always give us further motivation to continue to be the best that we can for you. For you, they are useful confirmation that we will indeed deliver the top wedding photography that you want. It is, after all, our greatest passion.

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