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Whether your wedding abroad is in Lake Bled, Dubrovnik, BudapestVienna, Tuscany or Morocco, we are always delighted to hop on a plane or travel across Slovenia to be by your side. In fact, we consider it a privilege!

About us

What does the term wedding photography mean to me? Is a wedding truly just a touching experience that moves us? Some emotions that bring joy to the guests at the wedding? Is it love that sparkles between future spouses? I see wedding photography as storytelling. It is my passion and my way of life. Wedding photography is about capturing moments of true affection between the bride and the groom, moments that last. It is also about looking for witty glances between the guests, who might not see each other again once the wedding is over.

Wedding photography is about capturing the love, all the respect, laughter, joy, love devotion, and tears that exist between guests and future spouses. It is about tears of joy. About those tears that genuinely convey love.

This is why wedding photography is my visual legacy, which lasts into eternity. And into so much more. A wedding is a celebration, which does not leave anyone emotionless. It is an experience, which does not only leave a lasting imprint on two people. A wedding is a mixture of emotions, which build, and change our relationships, and, indispensably, also untie them. That is why friends and family are such an important part of our lives and a significant part of
wedding storytelling.

Every wedding is unique and special in its own way. Your way. And every wedding photography tells its own story. Your story. In my way.

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