Destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer. Aleks Kus award-winning photographer based in Slovenia. With his lovely wife Irena, compose amazing photojournalistic storytelling team. For us, each wedding is a unique and unrepeatable story. Our passion is to document your story as it unfolds naturally. Nothing fake or contrived, just you as you are. Your wedding, as it happens. Always aware that there is not just a single story at play; it’s so much more than that. We do this creatively using our artistic vision. The result is a beautifully composed story of a wedding day, told through a unique and timeless set of photographs. Destination wedding photographer, available to be part of your fabulous day around the world!

Fine Art Wedding Storytellers

For us this is what it is all about, coming back to the heart of it. Over the last ten years we have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings, we have seen trends come and go but we have discovered one thing remains. No matter the season it is the greatest thing we need in life, that is to connect our heart with someone else’s and this is what is at the centre of every wedding and why we gather to celebrate the bond of two souls. Your connection and your love is what drives us to create and tell a story, no two couples are the same and even wedding is not the same, this is what us continually inspired and blown away by the people we meet and how they let us into their lives on such an intimate day. We still pinch ourself from time to time knowing that we are so blessed to be able to do this. Destination wedding photographer, Capturing the people in LOVE – Danger Of SINGLE story!

"For us, creativity is a passion; it's driving us to be unique, with every single frame we compose."


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